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About Me

Ajay Ratnam
A self taught python developer.

Hello everyone, I am Ajay. A first year undergrad pursuing Computer Science from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham. I have acquired a keen interest towards programming since a small age, by seeing various programming applications. And as such, I began my journey into the world of coding by learning Python, and I found it easy to understand.

Apart from my studies in school, I slowly started learning and improving my programming knowledge by referring several awesome courses online,  and making projects of my own. Now, I have joint the college coding club and participating in any opportunity to test my skills. I have won several coding competitions organized by it.

In terms of domains, I am very much interested in Game Development,  Automation and  Socket Programming. I have worked on many small mini projects, but my long term goal is to make a big one. Recently, I have also started developing an interest towards Cybersecurity. Along with the help of my college's cybersecurity club ( Team Bi0s ) I have participated in sever Capture The Flag (CTF) events and found them to my liking.


CourseSSLC ExamHigher Secondary ExamCollege
Graduation DateJuly, 2020July, 2022Present
Branch-Informatics PracticesComputer Science
Marks Obtained88.6 % (443/500)88.6 % (443/500)9.23 CGPA (Semester - 1)
InstitutionSri Chaitanya Techno SchoolSri Chaitanya PU CollegeAmrita Vishwa Vidhyapeetham

My Projects

5th November 2020
A properly type hinted ROBUST DAPI wrapper with many inbuilt helper modules and total API Coverage
View Here
5th April 2023
Star Platinum
A fun 3d multiplayer shooting game made using Ursina Engine
View Here
7th October 2021
A Work-In-Progress Python API Wrapper for NASA's Mars Rover Photos API which provides both Synchronous and Asynchronous support.
View Here
1st February 2022
A Programming Language Based on My Own Idea of STOM (Single Token Object Model)
View Here
23rd November 2021
Windows Bash
Project to use Linux commands in native windows shell using the help of WSL (Auto Invoking of WSL)
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17th March 2022
Type Rush
My Senior Secondary Final Practical Project. It's an app designed to improve user typing speed in a fun and interactive way.
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